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Did your grandmother ever tell you to drink raw apple cider vinegar?  It's good advice, and more common than you may think.  For generations of New Englanders, a tot of vinegar was a morning ritual.  Taken daily, a tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar can help support immune function and digestive functions.

To this base of vinegar, we've added whole, raw oranges, lemons, onions, ginger, horseradish, habanero pepper, garlic and turmeric.  We let this mixture step for 6 weeks at room temperature, to preserve the living vinegar culture and delicate flavors of the ingredients.  Lastly, we blend a generous helping of raw wildflower honey into the mix.  The result is potent but balanced, offering layers of sweet, tart and spice.

Fire Cider tastes great on its own, or as an addition to tea, juice or salad.  Don't believe us?  Fire Cider ships direct from our on-line store, and is available at over 500 locations nationwise.  Use our store locator to find one near you, and ask for a free sample!  As our grandmother would say, "Here's to feeling good all the time."

flat-rate-shipping-headlinesFire Cider is available in several sizes, as well as an unsweetened version that contains no honey. 
Fire Cider has an 18-month shelf life and is shelf stable at room temperature. 

8 oz Bottle
16 oz Bottle
1/2 Gallon – Regular
1/2 Gallon – Unsweetened
Full Gallon
Amber Glass Growler
Shot Glass
Speed Pour
Fire Cider T-Shirt
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Here's to feeling good all the time!

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