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There was a time, not so long ago, when people didn't take a pill for everything that ailed them.  They lived off the land, eating and drinking natural, healthy foods.  If they weren't feeling their best, they knew what to eat or drink to make them feel better.  Now, we have Fire Cider!  Fire Cider is an all-natural, healthy tonic developed to support healthy digestive function, enhance your immune system, and help you stay energized when everyone else is sluggish.  Fire Cider is a spicy, tangy, sweet tonic that helps you to feel good all the time! 

What is Fire Cider?  Fire Cider health tonic is based on the traditional New England folk remedy of raw apple cider vinegar and honey.  We spiced things up with a synergistic blend of whole, raw, organic roots and fruits.  Fire Cider is always a healthy tonic, whether you use it in a salad dressing, your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise) or straight from the bottle. Fire Cider is truly the best that Mother Nature has to offer!

Mother Earth magazine ad - Home - Fire Cider - Dietary Supplement - Pittsfield, MAWhat is in Fire Cider?  The base for Fire Cider is raw, Certified Organic apple cider vinegar and raw wildflower honey. Then we add the following Organic ingredients: 




Habanero Pepper

Apple cider vinegar is an incredibly healthy food since it contains several beneficial acids plus beta-carotene, amino acid, bone building minerals, enzymes, magnesium, potassium, pectin and tannins.  No wonder people have been using this super food since we figured out how to preserve apples in the form of vinegar!

Is Fire Cider raw? Yes, we use all raw honey, produce and vinegar. Fire Cider is never heated or refrigerated; it is a living, raw, whole foods tonic. Vinegar and honey are nature’s preservatives so we never add anything but what’s listed on the label!

Is Fire Cider organic? We use all organic produce and vinegar. It was not possible to get certified organic honey that was local to us. We chose to buy raw, unpasteurized, wildflower honey directly from a local farm.  It's important to us to "Buy Local!"

Is Fire Cider spicy? We get asked this a lot and the answer is: it depends on your love of and tolerance for heat. Fire Cider can be enjoyably warming or wicked spicy! For those who are afraid of the heat, Fire Cider mixes deliciously with lemonade, tomato juice, orange juice, tea and more. It’s still a health tonic, even if you mix it with something else.

Fire Cider has taken the holistic, natural food world by storm – after only 3 years, Fire Cider can now be found in over 400 retail outlets across the country, with more adding us to their shelves weekly!  Read more about us in a special cover story in Berkshire Trade & Commerce.

Taste how Fire Cider can help you feel good all the time! 

Visit one of our retailers, order on-line  or contact us today!

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