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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is in this Fire Cider stuff? The base is raw, Certified Organic apple cider vinegar and raw wildflower honey. Then we add: Organic Oranges, Organic Lemons, Organic Onions, Organic Ginger, Organic Horseradish, Organic Garlic, Organic Turmeric, and Organic Habanero Pepper.

Is Fire Cider raw? Yes, we use all raw honey, produce and vinegar. Fire Cider is never heated or refrigerated, it is a living, raw, whole foods tonic. Vinegar and honey are nature’s preservatives so we never add anything but what’s listed on the label!

Is Fire Cider organic? We use all organic produce and vinegar. It was not possible to get certified organic honey that was local to us. We chose to buy raw, unpasteurized wildflower honey directly from a local farm.

Is Fire Cider spicy? We get asked this a lot and the answer is: it depends on your love of and tolerance for heat. Fire Cider can be enjoyably warming or wicked spicy! For those who are afraid of the heat, Fire Cider mixes deliciously with lemonade, orange juice, tea and more. It’s still a health tonic, even if you water it down.

Does Fire Cider contain alcohol? No, it does not. It does however, mix well with alcohol if that's your style, so check out our blog or our recipe book for our signature Fire Cider cocktails!

Sip Winter Warm Up Tea: for immune boosting, body warming, cold and flu relief. The recipe is on our blog under Drinks.

Is Fire Cider gluten free? Yes, all of the ingredients we use are whole raw, gluten free foods that we process ourselves! However, if you are extremely sensitive be aware that we make Fire Cider in a mixed use facility.

How much should I take? For a daily, health building preventative dose we recommend about ½ to 1 Tablespoon per day. We just take a small sip from the bottle. If you feel under the weather you can take that same dose every 3 hours until you feel like your energetic, healthy self again. You can take Fire Cider any time of day; just keep in mind that it does perk you up!

Where do you get off making these health claims? Good question. First, our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and our product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. That being said, the ingredients used in our Fire Cider all have long histories of safe and effective use in herbal healing traditions the world over. Basically, our grandmothers approve of Fire Cider, even if the FDA doesn't.

How can I use Fire Cider as a medicinal health tonic?

The components of Fire Cider have been traditionally used in a wide range of healthful applications. Here are a few ways to put Fire Cider to work for your health, as reported by our customers:

Cold and Flu Fighter:
take a swig, shot (1/2 ounce) or a dose of Fire Cider in a glass of OJ every 2 hours when a cold or flu is coming on. Keep it up until you feel better.

Sore Throat Soother: take as is straight from the bottle or add more raw honey from your area: use a one to one ratio of Fire Cider to honey and take by the spoonful as a throat soothing immune booster.

For Seasonal Allergies: Take a dose of Fire Cider as needed for sinus relief and lung congestion. Daily Fire Cider, in combination with eliminating allergens like dairy and wheat from your diet, plus a couple granules a day of local bee pollen can help decrease your allergies over time.

Sinus Relief: Mix half just boiling water with half Fire Cider. Hold up to your stuffy nose and breathe deeply for immediate relief, just make sure to keep your eyes closed! When the mixture cools to a drinkable temperature, add fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey and drink up!

Heartburn Remedy: when heartburn is caused by low stomach acid, adding more beneficial acid, like Fire Cider, will help you digest properly and avoid heartburn.

Digestive Aid: after a meal a swig of Fire Cider will help you digest faster, it’s a living pro-biotic food after all! Repeat if necessary.

Hangover Cure: the head clearing, eye opening, immune boosting properties of a big slug of Fire Cider is a great way to shake off last night’s indulgence! Now go have a big greasy meal, followed by more Fire Cider and a much deserved nap.

Alkaline: A dose of Fire Cider a day is a great way to keep your body alkaline.

Staying Awake Without Coffee: When Dana had a job that involved long days of driving, he would pack a bottle of Fire Cider and take shots to stay alert on the road. Bonus: No caffeine jitters!

Vocal Health: singers have long relied on apple cider vinegar to keep their vocal cords healthy and happy, use a dose of Fire Cider anytime you need.

Determine if your kid really is sick: As told by one of our customers- If her kid claims to be sick, she offers him Fire Cider, if he refuses, he’s not that sick. If he accepts, he’s not feeling well and gets to stay home from school, sipping Fire Cider and orange juice until he feels better.

Cure Boredom: invite your friends to try Fire Cider for the first time! Then check out the video on our Media page of entertaining first taste reaction shots. Also, read the label, it’s pretty cool, then visit Brian’s online comic series,, there are hours of entertainment waiting for you!

What is the shelf life of Fire Cider?
According to the FDA, the shelf life is 18 months from bottling. We put a batch code sticker on the bottom of every bottle to tell you when the bottle turns 18 months old. If you need help deciphering it, drop us a line.

How should I store Fire Cider? In an abundance of caution, the FDA feels that you should refrigerate Fire Cider after opening. We don't ever refrigerate ours, but hey, we live life on the edge.

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